It's Time To Own Our Own Food Again

From Mary With Love, Inc. is moving ahead with our Urban Farm Initiative in Chicago, Illinois. This new hydroponic vertical urban farm project will allow us to supply fresh produce to the underserved members of our community at an affordable price, train and employ the “farm technicians” of the future for employment in the fast growing hydroponic farming sector and educate our young people about the tremendous benefits of eating nutritious food.

Our total funding goal is $50,000, which help cover the some of the cost of the equipment, shipping, and the installation of the new hydroponic farm container unit.

100% of your donation goes directly to the purchase of the urban farm equipment.  We expect delivery of the containerized grow unit and to plant our initial crop in the early part of 2021. Our first harvest will be approximately 7 weeks later!

This farm will help us expand our mission significantly, and we ask that you give generously so that …We Can Own Our Own Food Again!